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A visit to the sauna activates the defence cells in our immune system, dilates blood vessels and relaxes our muscles. A visit to the sauna has a beneficial effect not only on your body, however, but also on your soul - especially if you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Dolomites while being in the sauna. For you to have this privilege, all our luxury apartments are equipped with a private sauna. The Luxury Apartments Panorama and the Penthouse Apartment Dolomites are equipped with a private Finnish sauna, while the Luxury Apartments Living, Mountain and Romantic have a private infrared cabin. Since the saunas are located directly in the apartment, you can enjoy exclusive access and use them whenever you please. Learn more about the selection of luxury apartments with private sauna available at Panorama Living Dolomites!

Luxury apartments with sauna

Finnish sauna

Regular sauna visits strengthen your health, because those who regularly go to the sauna are less susceptible to colds. In your luxury apartment you will find your own private sauna, which you can use at any time. But how do you sauna properly?

Here are a few tips for the right sauna:

  • Do not go to the sauna on an empty stomach but also not directly after eating.
  • Shower and towel off before you go in: Showering dissolves the annoying greasy film of the skin and drying makes the skin sweat better.

  • Place the large bath towel on the bench (no skin contact with the wood).
  • A sauna session lasts between 8 and 12 minutes - you should not spend more than 15 minutes in the sauna.
  • To cool down and to recharge your batteries you should spend 1-2 minutes in the fresh air after the sauna (also in winter).
  • After cooling, shower immediately, preferably with cold water.
  • In case of a double sauna session, rest between sauna sessions and do not drink anything; only drink again after the last sauna session.
Infrared cabin

Infrared cabin

The Luxury Apartments Living, Mountain and Romantic come with an infrared heat cabin, which is especially known for its positive effect against back pain. In an infrared cabin, surface heating elements located on the rear walls of the cabin can reach temperatures of up to 60°C. The infrared cabin is equipped with a heating system for the back of the cabin. The heat is not generated in the entire room, but only when it hits the skin. This actively stimulates the body itself to produce heat and sweat. The warmth of the infrared cabin penetrates deep into the body within a very short time and the deep warmth generated is perceived as having a healing or at least relieving effect, especially in case of problems with the joints and general muscle tensions. In addition, during a visit to the infrared cabin, happiness hormones are released which positively influence our emotions and our entire body.

The special experience...

The Luxury Apartments Panorama, equipped with an ARGA design Jacuzzi, offer a very special wellness novelty. The free-standing bathtub is not only positioned to allow wonderful panoramic views of the Dolomites, but it is also equipped with so-called swirl pool jets and multi-coloured LED lighting, which contributes to a very special bathing experience. Specially designed natural bath salts contribute to complete relaxation.

Book your dream holiday at luxury apartment hotel Panorama Living Dolomites now and enjoy undisturbed wellness pleasure in your luxury apartment with private sauna!

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