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Whether in spring, summer or autumn, hiking in Meransen/Maranza and its surroundings is a pleasure at any time of the year. Countless hiking trails of various levels of difficulty start directly from your luxury apartment at Panorama Living Dolomites. We have compiled for you the most beautiful tours in the Gitschberg Jochtal Alpine region.

An extraordinary hiking paradise...

Easy hikes

The valley of Altfass in Meransen/Maranza

Ideal for families!

You leave your luxury apartment at Panorama Living Dolomites on foot and follow the streets Kösslergasse and Großbergstraße. After about 15 minutes, you reach the end of the asphalted road. This is where the wide forest path begins, which is ideal for families. Continue straight on, following the path marker 15, and after about 45 minutes you will reach the Alpine restaurant Großberghütte. You have passed the tree line and will find yourself in the middle of an idyllic valley with lush green meadows (Alpine pastures) and an enchanting brook winding through the valley in meanders. Continuing on path number 15, after another 45 minutes of easy hiking, you will reach the two Alpine huts at the very end of the Altfasstal valley: the Pranter Stadel and the Wieserhütte. The word ‘Stadel’ means ‘barn’, the word ‘Hütte’ means ‘hut’.

For the way back you can either take the path you came on, or hike back on another path, called the Widerschwinge-Weg.

Total walking time: 3.5 hours

Small Gitsch - Moserhütte

Sunshine & Panorama

This easy hike starts at an altitude of 2,000 metres above sea level. In order to reach the starting point, you go to the mountain railway station Gitschberg (within walking distance of your luxury apartment), which carries you to the mountain station at 2,000 metres. From here, your hike mainly follows a path downhill. Passing the Nesselhütte mountain hut on your left, take the small hiking trail that leads past the Kiener Alm (another hut) and follow the signs to the so-called Klein Gitsch. There you will be able to enjoy a fabulous panoramic view of the Dolomites.

Keep following the hiking trail. After a few minutes you will reach the hut Moserhütte, where you can stop off. From there you take the wide forest path down to the Altfasstal valley and car park and hike back to your apartment at Panorama Living Dolomites following the streets Großbergstraße and Kösslergasse. 

Total walking time: 3 hours

Fane Alm in Vals/Valles

The most beautiful Alpine village in South Tyrol...

By car you drive the short distance up to the village of Vals/Valles (approx. 15 minutes by car), where you park your car at the parking lot shortly before the mountain hut Kurzkofelhütte. You can now choose whether you want to take the asphalted road (ideal for families with prams) or the enchanting hiking path called Milchsteig, a theme trail, to the Fane Alm village and mountain pastures. The Milchsteig (which translates to ‘milk path’) is particularly recommended: Along the way you will find informative stations about the history of dairy farming in South Tyrol which are instructive and well worth seeing. After about 1.5 hours you will reach the Fane Alm, a historic mountain village with many rustic and authentic Alpine huts to stop at.

On your way back, you can again choose between the Milchsteig theme trail and hiking on the asphalted road.

Total walking time: 3 hours

Medium hikes


Extraordinary view of over 500 mountain peaks!

You can admire the Gitschberg, our local mountain, directly from the luxury apartment hotel Panorama Living Dolomites in its full size. The imposing mountain particularly impresses with its unique panoramic platform at the top of the mountain. Next to the mountain’s summit cross, there is a platform which informs about the 360° panoramic view of over 500 mountain peaks. All the mountains are labelled. The view is really magnificent and well worth the somewhat strenuous climb.

From Panorama Living Dolomites you start on foot, take the Gitschberg cable car and effortlessly ascend to 2,000 metres above sea level. There you hike to the mountain hut Gitschhütte from where you continue on path number 12 to the summit of the Gitschberg (2,510 m), which you reach after about 1.5 hours. The distance is short, but rather steep due to the 500 m of altitude difference. The trail is not exposed, wherefore this hike is possible for the whole family.

For the descent, do not choose the back slope of the mountain for it is very rocky and steep. Instead, take the same path back. The descent takes about 1 hour.

Total walking time: 2.5 hours

Alpine hut Brixner Hütte in Vals/Valles

Panorama & peacefulness...

The Alpine hut Brixner Hütte lies behind the Fane Alm at an altitude of 2,270 metres and is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. From your luxury apartment at Panorama Living Dolomites you go by car to Vals/Valles (15 minutes by car) and park at the car park at the mountain hut Kurzkofelhütte. Over the Milchsteig theme trail (topic: dairy farming in South Tyrol) you hike for about 1 hour to the Fane Alm, one of the most beautiful Alpine villages in South Tyrol, where you can stop for a short break. Then you follow path number 17 through a slate gorge called Schrame up to a fork from where you follow the signs for the mountain hut Brixner Hütte, which you reach after approx. 2.5 hours of total walking time.

Take the same route for the descent. The descent takes about 2 hours.

Total walking time: 4.5 hours

Rodenecker – Lüsner – Alm

Hiking on one of the largest Alpine pastures in South Tyrol!

The sun-drenched, panoramic Rodenecker – Lüsner – Alm is only a 25-minute drive from the Panorama Living Dolomites. You drive from Meransen/Maranza to Mühlbach/Rio di Pusteria and on to Rodeneck/Rodengo and the Rodenecker Alm (very well signposted), where you park at the Zumis parking lot. This is the starting point of your hike. If you like, you can turn right to the Oberhauser Alm first. Then you continue on a beautiful forest path in the direction of the hut Ronerhütte, which you reach after about 45 minutes. Extensive Alpine pastures and an overwhelming panorama accompany you for another 45 minutes to a fork, where you have to decide between two huts, the Rastnerhütte and the Starkenfeldhütte. Both can be reached within just in a few minutes.

For the way back we recommend the same path until shortly before the Ronerhütte; there you can turn right and follow the Confinweg (path marker number 4) back to Zumis car park.

Total walking time: 3 hours

Demanding tours

Seefeld mountain lakes in Meransen/Maranza

Impressive mountain lakes...

The hike starts directly from the luxury apartment hotel Panorama Living Dolomites and leads over the street Kösslergasse, on to the street Großbergstraße and on to the entrance of the Altfasstal valley. You hike through the entire valley of the Altfasstal, past the mountain huts Großberghütte, Pranter Stadelhütte and Wieserhütte (1.5 hours). At the end of the valley, the rather steep ascent to the Großer Seefeldsee (Great Seefeld Lake; altitude 2,271 m) begins. You will reach the lake after about 3 hours total walking time. Once there, turn left and walk past the lake to continue on path number 14/15 and later trail number 6, which leads to two more but smaller mountain lakes, the Mittlerer See (2,501 m) and Kleiner See (2,514 m). These two lakes are about 45 minutes away from the big lake.

For the descent it is best to hike back on the same path you ascended on.

Total walking time: 7 hours.

Wilde Kreuzspitze summit

A mountain over 3,000m for experienced hikers!

From Panorama Living Dolomites you go by car to Vals/Valles, where you best park at the upper parking lot on the Fane Alm. This will save you valuable time and energy for climbing the summit Wilde Kreuzspitze, an impressive 3,000m peak in the Gitschberg Jochtal Alpine region. Following the trail number 18, you hike from the Fane Alm, the most beautiful mountain village in South Tyrol, to the hut Labesebenhütte and to the mountain lake Wilder See, which you reach after approx. 3.5 hours. We recommend that you take a short break there to admire the beauty of the mountain lake at 2,532 metres above sea level. Then you continue your hike over a narrow path to the Rumbaljoch, a pass, and across the south-eastern flank of the mountain to the summit Wilde Kreuzspitze (3,132 m). Total time required for ascent: about 5 hours.

The way back is the same as the way up, but you can also decide to descend on the left, hiking down through the Rauhtal valley and descend on the high-altitude trail Pfunderer Höhenweg to the hut Brixner Hütte and on to the Fane Alm.

Total walking time: 7.5 hours

Lake Eisbrugg & mountain hut Edelrauthütte in Pfunders/Fundres

Idyllic and wildly romantic hike...

Pfunders/Fundres in the Gitschberg Jochtal Alpine region is considered to be a particularly idyllic and quiet village and an absolute Eldorado for hiking enthusiasts. Personally, we consider this hike an absolute highlight for your holiday here at Panorama Living Dolomites. By car you drive to Pfunders/Fundres to the car park of Dun, which you reach after about 25 minutes by car. Follow path number 13 on the asphalted road up to the last mountain farms, then take the broad path (gravel road) in the direction of the Bodenalm hut, which is located at 1,700 metres above sea level and is open in season. You reach the hut after 30 minutes. Now the path becomes more demanding. It climbs in serpentines over steep grass slopes until you reach another mountain valley where you walk along the mountain stream, again on a gravel road, until you reach another hut. From there, you hike up to the Eisbruggsee, a glacial lake dating back to the Ice Age, which lies at 2,351 metres above sea level. From there you can already see the mountain hut Edelrauthütte, which immediately catches the eye with its modern architecture. It is situated at an altitude of 2,545 metres and is open in season. When you reach the hut, you have climbed over 1,000 metres in altitude, so you really deserve a stop. For the way back we recommend the same route.

Total walking time: 7 hours

Book your hiking holiday now and stay with us at Panorama Living Dolomites, where you live in a luxury apartment right at the heart of the Gitschberg Jochtal Alpine region and can enjoy the best panoramic views directly from your holiday home. Discover the countless hiking possibilities open to you!

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